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Welcome to Brains and Brawn Bulldogges

We pride ourselves in producing top of the line Olde English Bulldogges (Oldies). As our name suggests we focus on breeding strong, thick, healthy bulldogs as well as proper breeding in a clean environment which produces intelligent, beautiful oldies. We are located on a beautiful 5 acres in the small town of Shawnee, OK. Since we have plenty of land and 3 young children our bulldogs go on lots of walks and get plenty of socialization which help make our bulldogs a cut above the rest. Brains and Brawn is a small breeder with just a few dogs, not a huge puppy mill and we raise our dogs to be loved as family pets and not just left in kennels with no attention. We love Oldies because of their funny and unique personalities. They are always sweet and loving to people and especially to children, which makes them the perfect new addition to your family. We are focusing on bringing you pups with an assortment of popular colors (blue, chocolate, black, lilac, tri’s, and brindles) without sacrificing Brains and Brawn. Thank you for considering us in your search for your new member of your family!

Please contact us with any questions or info for our upcoming breedings, available pups, or stud fees and services.





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