Guarantees/Payment Methods

1 Year Health Guarantee 


We offer a 1 Year Health Guarantee on every puppy we have available. (Unless an agreement between Buyer and Seller has been made to forgo guarantee) We produce top of the line healthy bulldogges and want you to be extremely happy with your little bundle of joy, and feel safe that you are getting a puppy that has been bred with care and attention to health as well as a puppy that has been loved, socialized, and cared for! In the unfortunate event that your puppy has a congenital genetic life-altering defect that conforms to the terms and conditions of the guarantee, then you will have the choice of picking another puppy (present or future), or you can get your money returned at your purchased price. Here are the terms and conditions of said guarantee:


“This guarantee only protects against congenital life-altering defects (such as HIPS** or congenital nerve damage causing lameness) or congenital diseases that cause death or the puppy needing to be euthanized (such as congenital heart disease). This guarantee is not extended to genetic or health issues (such as allergies, cherry eye, skin conditions, and/or restricted breathing common to the bulldog breed), nor sicknesses or issues common to canines, nor to health issues that can be accrued through lack of maintenance or care for the puppy while it is in the buyer’s possession.”

**In order for HIPS to qualify under this guarantee the puppy must be seen by a vet who specializes in bulldog care or must be returned to us to see our vet bulldog specialist. The reason for this is English and Olde English bulldog’s hip joints are much different than other breeds. Most common vets that are use to other breed’s hip joints will almost always claim a bulldog has HIP dysplasia (when looking at x-rays) when in fact there is no HIP dysplasia present for this breed. This is mistaken sometimes in new owners because bulldog puppies can get slight lameness (“growing pains”) in their hips and joints as they grow and develop which is most commonly caused by over-feeding (too much protein in diet) or over-exerting (exercising) while growing.  



Payment Methods


We accept cash and credit/debit cards as forms of payment and we use different avenues of payment to make things as convenient as possible for you and us. These avenues include: cash (when meeting in person), PayPal**, Cash App, Messenger App, and Walmart to Walmart.

We’re sorry, but because of scams and bounced checks, we do not accept checks as a form of payment. 


**PayPal charges a 3% insurance on all transactions that are not classified as a “gift” or for a “friend”. Therefore if you would like to avoid this charge then we ask that you choose to send money as “gift” or “friend” when using PayPal. In the case that you would like the insurance or you do not choose to send money as a gift or friend, then the 3% fee will be passed on to you via added to your deposit or payment.