We now have 7 beautiful, wrinkly puppies from Bodybuilder’s Creed and our girl Na’vi! They are full of beautiful color and girth. And 4 very nice puppies from 2 oldies we produced ourselves, Biggie Smalls and Willow. Call or text to see what all we have available so you can reserve yours before they are all taken. Also, make sure you look at our Litter Page to see what we have coming next!

Terry 405-802-2816

Kristy 405-802-2815


Biggie X Willow’s litter of 4



 Creed and Navi’s litter of 9

We had a litter of 9 but unfortunately, as it goes sometimes, we lost 2 of them. We now have 4 males and 3 females!

It’s sad but the black female on the far left just wasn’t able to make it.